A simple way to think about integrity is always asking yourself the question, “how would I behave if the world is watching me.” Acting with integrity means you do the right things, even when nobody is watching you.

Integrity is important. When integrity is missing in our lives, we experience a lack of support, loss of trust, and ultimately, we fall short of achieving true long-term success.

Living with integrity can be quite challenging. However, here are a few tips to strengthen your integrity.

Keep Your Agreements

At the core of being a person of integrity is the ability to stick to your word. These include promises you make to yourself as well as promises to others. While breaking a promise is easy, no matter how small, every broken promise erodes trust and can eventually destroy a relationship. Consider writing your promises down to help ensure you keep them.

Examine Your Values

Reconsider your values.

  • What are your values?
  • Where did they originate?
  • When last did you go against these values, even in the tiniest of ways, and what was the reason?
  • Have your values changed?

By carefully examining your values and establishing which are most important, you can adjust your actions to match them.

Surround Yourself with People of Integrity

The saying “We are known by the company we keep” is true and proven to be accurate. While our schedule will expose us to several types of people daily, we must consciously create relationships with people who value ethics and integrity. When faced with challenges, their presence and support will keep you from compromising your integrity.

Stand Up for Your Beliefs

Apart from making you feel better, standing up for your beliefs is an amazing way to strengthen integrity. However, you should do this calmly and respectfully.

Standing up for your beliefs can be exceedingly hard and truly impossible in some cases, but remember, staying calm shows you are confident in your beliefs. Don’t be afraid to be firm, though. You deserve to be heard.

Be a Role Model to Others

You should be clear, open, and consistent with your values and morals. Your family and friends should be encouraged to question you, especially when they feel you acted without integrity. We are less likely to fall off the integrity bandwagon if we know people are looking up to us.