Integrity is the single most important quality you can develop. It has the power to improve every area of your life. It is one of the core qualities required for a happy and successful life.

Living with integrity means living life according to your values and morals. You are fair to everybody and do not compromise your values for any reason.

Having integrity is important for several reasons:

You Have a Reputation for Being Reliable

People trust and rely on you more when you have integrity. People trust a person who sticks to their values and morals without compromising when things get tough. When you do not have integrity, you lose people’s trust, which can have negative consequences across many areas of your life.

You Become a Better Person

Generally, integrity makes you a better person and significantly improves your potential. When you have integrity, you are your true self and do not compromise to fit in or gain the approval of others. Having integrity means having healthy morals, and this is vital for good relationships.

You Become More Confident

A person with integrity is more confident and secure about who they are. Low self-esteem is often a result of not living your values and continually bending to everyone else’s whims.

Confidence is strengthened when you have integrity and can stick to your values and ethics. Confidence is a powerful attribute that will help you in many areas of your life.

You’ll Be More Admirable

Integrity is an admirable trait. Everyone wishes to associate with someone that sticks to their values and morals without compromising. When you have integrity, everyone knows that what you show is who you are, rather than pretending to be someone else. This makes you more admirable.

You’ll Become a Better Leader

Integrity is important if you want to become a true leader.

Integrity is a core trait for leaders, and if you aspire to be a better leader, you must exhibit strong values that you live by. A good leader doesn’t compromise on their values or pretend to be what they are not.

When you have integrity as a leader, you will inspire everyone around you to be better versions of themselves and follow in your footsteps. When they see their leader always sticking to good morals and ethics and never compromising, they will emulate these values themselves.