Most people who try out the principles of the law of attraction don’t see any results. This is the hard truth and it’s a difficult one to swallow. One reason that they fail is because they’re unable to suspend their disbelief. In this article we’ll look at one of the most important principles of the law of attraction… and that is ‘feeling it.’

What is ‘feeling it’, you ask?

It means experiencing the joy of achieving your goal or getting the object of your dreams. You must feel the happiness, the sense of accomplishment, the excitement and all the feelings of euphoria that comes with getting what you want.

But here’s the catch… you haven’t gotten it yet!

This is where most people struggle. They’re unable to suspend their disbelief and play along. They could be visualizing financial independence and driving a fancy sports car but at the back of their mind, there is a niggling feeling that they are still in credit card debt.

They’re unable to feel the happiness and immerse themselves in the experience because of what they see in the real world. In order to overcome this problem, you must let go of your feelings about your current situation.

None of that matters for now. You must absolutely believe that you’ve already gotten your heart’s desire. You must believe that change is on the way. Your current situation is the result of limiting beliefs from the past.

Your future situation will depend on your thoughts now. So, you must go all out and do your best to ‘feel it.’

Your subconscious mind cannot differentiate reality from imagination. If you imagine that it is true, your subconscious mind will do whatever it takes to make your vision a reality. You will get hunches on what you need to do and you should follow these hunches without question.

It will bring the right people and situations into your life to propel you towards your desires. The subconscious mind absolutely has to do what you’ve told it to because it needs to make sense of the situation.

If you’ve told it that you’re prosperous but you’re broke, there is discord in the mind and it will do things to help you get to where you want to be so that it can retain its sanity and belief system.

If you merely say hundreds of affirmations and go about the visualization process like a robot going through the motions, you’ll never convince your subconscious mind.

Human beings think in pictures and not words. You must see it in your mind’s eye. You must feel the joy and gratitude.

If you want a new sports car, you must feel like you’re driving it. See it sitting in your driveway. Feel the leather interior. Hear the revving of the engine. Do it all in your head and smile and be happy.

Do this twice or three times a day and be excited that you’ll be getting a car soon. Your mind is such a powerful magnet that it could attract a Porsche from Zimbabwe if you told it to and believed it.

Never underestimate what the law of attraction is capable of. Believe it, accept it and feel it.