We all get our nutrition from food, however, a man’s nutritional needs may not be fully met through his diet alone. Men have specific dietary requirements to support their health needs. Although the same vitamins are important for everyone, here are some vitamins and minerals that are excellent for a man’s health.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that has several benefits. It is necessary for calcium absorption, which helps make the bones and muscles strong. Vitamin D can also help boost immunity. If lacking vitamin D, supplements may be useful, as vitamin D can help regulate testosterone levels.

Vitamin D can also help decrease the incidence of stroke, which is one of the leading causes of death in men, as it helps improve blood pressure levels.

Vitamin B12

This vitamin, also called cobalamin is important for a man’s optimal health. Vitamin B12 helps maintain nerve health. It also plays a significant role in turning carbohydrates into fuel for the body to use, which helps boost energy levels. Another benefit of vitamin B12 is it can help enhance brain function and mood, as it is a critical vitamin in creating the mood-boosting hormones, serotonin and dopamine.

As men age, they need to increase their vitamin B12 intake, as the body loses its efficacy in absorbing the vitamin’s nutritional value.

Vitamin C

We have probably all been given our vitamin C tablets as a child, to keep the coughs and colds away. This is because it is a great immune-boosting vitamin. Vitamin C also has other vital functions. It helps keep body tissues strong and healthy and maintains cartilage, bones, and teeth.

Vitamin C also supports iron absorption and blood pressure regulation. Another benefit is that it helps in lowering uric acid levels, which may help prevent gout. Yet another significant benefit for men is that vitamin C helps lower a man’s risk of developing prostate enlargement.


Another super mineral that has many benefits and functions is magnesium. Unfortunately, many men, especially African-American men, do not usually have enough magnesium.

Men who regularly engage in strenuous physical activities particularly benefit from having enough magnesium in their systems, enhancing athletic performance, and shortening recovery time.

Magnesium is also a key component in keeping muscles strong and can help with cell growth. It also prevents muscle cramps, which is helpful for the active man too! Magnesium is also vital in improving muscle flexibility.


Men increase their risk of developing heart disease as they age. One way to decrease the risk is to make sure your body is getting the right amount of potassium. This essential mineral is beneficial in keeping blood vessels healthy and preventing heart disease. Potassium can also help regulate sodium, which can increase blood pressure and lower the risk of developing kidney stones.


Strong bones all begin with calcium. Men, like women, can also lose bone density as they age. Aside from strong bones, calcium also supports muscle and nerve function. One point to remember here is you need to balance the calcium with magnesium. If both are in balance, then your body has a better chance of receiving all the benefits from both these nutritional elements.


Folate or folic acid is also known as another B vitamin, B9. This vitamin is often associated with women, but men also need this important vitamin. Folate is necessary for forming healthy blood cells. It can also prevent developing heart disease and stroke, as it plays a vital role in keeping homocysteine levels low.

Low folate levels can also cause unhealthy changes in sperm that are linked to chromosomal abnormalities in children. It can also help improve men’s fertility by increasing sperm count and motile sperm.

Men’s physical demands can take a toll on their health. Meeting nutritional requirements through the diet may not be enough. Therefore, taking supplements that can help address specific health issues can ensure that a man meets the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals they need for optimum health. There aren’t too many men who don’t like having a strong healthy body!