Empower Yourself by Breaking the RulesBreaking the rules can empower you – really. Rules can severely limit your beliefs and purpose in life, keeping you back from expressing emotions and from trying new things.

Think about the negative things you tell yourself on a daily basis – “My parents/teachers said I couldn’t do that,” “I don’t have the brains to succeed,” “Nobody will want to dance with me.” Each of these negative thoughts are derived from a rule of society that needs to be broken.

If your parents/teachers said you couldn’t do something you’re passionate about, defy them. Break the rule and try. Unless you try, you may choose a path which will keep you unhappy the remainder of your life – or at least sad that you didn’t try.

When you stand like a statue in a group setting and let someone disrespect you or someone else without speaking up, you’re demeaning yourself – and that’s horrible for your self-esteem.

Speaking up and defending yourself or the belief or person can help you feel proud of yourself and have acted based on your own belief system – and bravery in the face of others who may want to put you down.

You may have been through one or several painful experiences in your past which has made an impact on your psyche and is still keeping you from moving forward with power and a purpose in life.

Dealing with the negatives that are defining you now is the only way to combat the experience and move on successfully with your life. That may mean breaking the rules that have held you back. The empowerment you gain from taking action will do wonders for your mindset.

At some point, you know you’re more than what your negative experiences have made you. You know through self-reflection that the blame isn’t all yours and that you can gain back your power with determination and knowledge.

Engaging in optimism in your life thoughts and trusting yourself to do the right thing are important in the empowering process. Find joy in breaking the rules which has kept you back, made you feel cynical about life and don’t compare yourself to others.

Be your own guide when it comes to empowering yourself. Don’t let others dictate what you should and shouldn’t be. Follow your own rules and guidelines for that, always being aware of the consequences and rewards of breaking a rule. Then, you can make an educated decision.