For the unfamiliar, empaths are people who take their high-level sensitivities to a profoundly deeper level. Typically, their sensitive nature causes them to prefer solitude over the company of larger groups. It also requires the need for essential downtime to allow recovery from over-stimulating noise, light, and energies.

However, these very same high sensitivities also enable them to absorb and process more information than most.

Most people who understand and are familiar with empaths are often highly sensitive persons, if not empaths themselves. Many of their type have provided us with more insight into their nature, giving more people a glimpse of their inner world.

Empaths need to know more deeply about their nature as well. If they lack this knowledge, they can tend to view their sensitivities, intensity, and clairvoyance as a curse or weakness. Just because research tells us that empaths only make up around 1 to 2% of the population, doesn’t make their experiences less significant. But for empaths to be effective and feel fulfilled doing work they are meant to do, they need to accept and embrace these sometimes disconcerting parts of themselves.

The Empath Super Powers

An empath’s high sensitivities and low threshold for stimulation enable them to receive and process more information than most people. They can see patterns where some might only see coincidences, and meaningfully use that to transform their perspective and their approach to life.

With more information gathered from their environment and other people, most empaths also have strongly developed intuitions. Acting on their gut feelings can be immensely helpful in guiding themselves and others towards positive actions. The clairvoyance that naturally comes for many empaths is one of their underrated superpowers. Given their wisdom and insight into some situations, they can readily guide others towards a better direction. This is why many empaths become counselors or guidance counselors, teachers, writers, and also leaders.

The empath’s sense of compassion truly makes it one of their superpowers. Their natural ability to feel and understand the needs and desires of other people is often matched with a great vision and idealism for a better society and world. This makes empaths, especially empowered empaths, natural-born leaders, and change-makers. With their strong ability and determination to turn their vision into reality, many empaths end up becoming ambassadors for change, leading others towards their higher selves, and societies towards positive reform.

Some empaths end up further developing their psychic abilities. These empaths can feel and sense the spirit of others and even feel their way into the realms of the spirit, developing seemingly supernatural abilities.

How to Unleash the Empath Super Powers

Fully utilizing the traits and skills of being an empath begins with the discovery and acceptance of their empathic ability, then further understanding and developing these abilities, to create powerful and meaningful outcomes from them.

Acknowledge Your Unique Needs

An empath must accept their specific needs. Being an empath makes a person somewhat different from others in the sense that they have unique needs that not all people have. They need more downtime to unwind, more solitude, and more time than most people to make full sense of the extra information they have access to.

This will enable the necessary calmness to turn that into something valuable; a plan or a vision perhaps. Only when empaths recognize these needs within themselves and allow themselves to process information fully can they become authentic to themselves and also more effective, personally.

Protect Your Vibe

As an empath, it’s normal to walk into a room and have an innate understanding of what just happened there. Call it psychic powers or sheer sensitivity to energy, but this also makes empaths overly vulnerable to the emotions surrounding them. In many cases, empaths simply absorb other people’s without filtering or understanding why all of a sudden, there’s a shift in the mood or energy. To protect your vibe as an empath may entail some strategies and protective barriers, but, this is necessary for you to disown other people’s negative emotions without a cause.

Conscious Action

As an empath, you can influence the energies surrounding you, instead of being the one influenced by them. Sure, it may not be easy at first, and it takes conscious learning and practice to live this way consistently. Empaths who understand how they work rely on techniques such as visualization, using positive affirmations, and mindfulness to overcome negativity and being sapped of their positive energy. As an empath, you need your energy reserves to influence others.

Empowered Redirection

An empowered empath can be the most powerful person in the room. With their ability to project and tap into the feelings and needs of others, they have access to great knowledge and wisdom of how people and the natural world works. The ultimate empathic superpower is being able to empower yourself so you can cause effective transformation and revolution in areas you feel called to address. As an empath, you have what it takes.