Everyone who visits a therapist has worries or fear that they can’t deal with for some reason. Perhaps they have trouble functioning because their worries keeps them stuck in a “what if” time warp.

Most of us want better lives and to live a worry-free life, but that may mean that we fear moving out from out comfort zone and embracing the unknown.

After leaving a bad relationship, you may be worried about getting into another one because you fear it may also be toxic. That fear can paralyze you to feeling emotions and taking the steps to nurture another love interest.

Worry may also keep you from progressing in your career or job. Fear of failure is the most common reason that people become stuck in a boring or unfulfilling job, relationship or other situation.

We resist situations because we hope to avoid fear, but that fear about the unknown only perpetuates worry about the future.

It’s said that “fear breeds mediocrity.” Fear is usually based on worry and projections of failure and not the reality or logic of the situation. Worry or fear may bring on physical problems such as anxiety, rapid heartbeat and aches and pains.

When you embrace your fears and worries and begin to analyze them, you can see how ridiculous most of them are. When you see worry as your ally, you can begin to take necessary steps to solve the situation and get on with your life without the paralyzing fear that worry brings.

Living in the present moment helps you to see worry for what it really is – a projection into a future that’s not likely to happen. It’s especially difficult to embrace your worries if you’ve had a negative experience in the past. You may be worried that the same thing is going to happen again.

Replacing negative thoughts about the future with realistic and logical ones about the present moment is one way you can deal with worry. It takes practice and a real effort to get to the root causes of your worry cycle, but the changes that can occur in your life when you take the positive thinking path can be awesome.

Finally, know that fear and worries can become your greatest ally and teacher if you use it properly. When you understand the root cause of your worry and have an action plan to work through it, you can make decisions based on your actual goals and dreams rather than making a decision clouded by fear.

Then, and only then, will you have the power to make positive changes in your life.