Hope during this time seems almost impossible for many people. Losing your job, worrying about the virus, and trying to keep those around you optimistic can seem like a lot on your plate, and it is. The thing is you impact your mood and environment.

If you have hope and optimism, then those around you will feel this optimism and hope as well. This could create a beautiful environment where you thrive and can still live your life to the fullest during a pandemic.

1 – Being Aspirational is Key

Aspirational is defined as having aspirations to achieve social prestige. While social prestige may not be the idea in mind there are still advantages to being aspirational at this time. You see, aspiration is simply described as a hope to achieve something.

If you spend your time in quarantine working towards something and hoping you will achieve it them your time is not wasted. In addition to that you also will get some things done, which will make you feel successful over all!

The optimism that goes into being aspirational is lifesaving in itself. If you are working towards something that you believe you can achieve you will be more optimistic that you can achieve anything, including surviving a pandemic. Many people are feeling hopeless at this time and the reality is that the thought process is bringing them down even more.

2 – All Pandemics Have Eventually Ended

I know it may be difficult to grasp this at this point in time but all pandemics in the past have passed. The Black Death, the Bubonic Plague, and many more have come and gone throughout the history of the world.

Pandemics themselves will always be around but the ones that significantly affect the world are not here to stay. It may take a while to get through this individual pandemic but at some point we will be past it, at some point things will go back to normal, at some point this hardship will end just as each and every one does eventually.

3 – You Are Not Alone

As lonely as it may feel to be quarantined in your home during a pandemic you are never completely alone. Physically you may not have anyone around you but mentally everyone is in the same boat. We are all dealing with the general same circumstances in the world right now and we all understand if you need to become emotional or if you feel as if you can’t do it.

However, if you have these feelings there are also those who can help you without you having to leave your home. In America there is the suicide hotline at 1-800-273-8255. If you are feeling too alone or too emotional give them a call and they can help you see that nothing is forever. This too will pass and eventually you won’t even have to be physically alone.

4 – City and State Wide Programs

There are many people struggling during this pandemic whether it be issues with getting food, issues with paying rent, or just money issues overall. There could be many city and state wide programs that could help you out.

In Detroit, a once amazing city ravaged with poverty and crime, HOPE is now serving the community. They can help deliver food to those who are low income or who can’t really leave their home. This is helping many elderly people within Detroit.

In the Midlands, the government is bringing in free produce so that the community still has access to fresh and healthy food. This was started not long ago after months of disheartening things happened to the world. Finally, though, the people within this community are getting the food and produce they need.

5 – Families Coming Together

Due to quarantine many families are coming together after a long time apart. College students who lived in dorms had to come home and are stuck inside with their families. This is bringing families closer together than ever before, not just physically but emotionally.

There has been a higher percentage of family dinners than almost ever before because there is simply nowhere else for people to go. Although this seems kind of frustrating this is a great opportunity for parents and children to bond more and create those everlasting memories.

Final Thoughts

The pandemic may have its difficult parts such as less money, more stress, and health concerns. However, there is no reason to lose all hope. This will pass along with everything else. Take this time stuck at home to bond with your family members, play with your pets, learn a new hobby, or anything else you always seem to have no time to do. This will most likely be the only pandemic in our lifetime so use this time to its full extent. Be safe and stay healthy while doing so.