When your ancestors and their leaders put in place rules of society, it was likely best for the times in which they lived. Or, it could have been a mistake. Today, some of those same rules are in place and are viewed by society as being rules we should adhere to.

For example, the rule of working 9 until 5 every day is a rule that worked very well in past decades. You needed to be in the office to pass along information personally and to be available for meetings and other aspects of running a business.

Now, with the technology available to every business, you can work from home, still share information instantaneously and be available for meetings with Skype and Facetime.

Some of your ancestors’ rules were obvious mistakes that were likely put in place for a good reason, but the end result held people back from living a life of success and happiness they could have had.

The societal rule of always being humble may not have been the obstacle in past years as it is today. If you’re “always” humble in today’s world, you’ll likely get passed over for promotions, jobs and even people you’d like to get to know better.

It’s a fast moving world we live in today and many times you’ll need to assert yourself and toot your own horn rather than taking the “humility” route. “If you snooze, you lose,” is the mantra today if you want to get ahead.

Waiting for someone else to ask you to take a job, promotion or ask you for a date doesn’t work today. You’ve got to ask for what you want and be ready when the acceptance comes.

Being assertive rather than humble all the time may mean that you’ll have to face rejection along the way, but you’ll also realize some successes, and those will boost your self-esteem and make you more enthused to assert yourself the next time an opportunity arises.

Your ancestors had their best interests at heart when the rules of society were implemented. Today, those same rules may be holding you back. Study the rules carefully and before you break one, carefully analyze it for its merit.

Never break rules haphazardly. Study them for your own benefit – and for the benefit of your company or loved ones to see if breaking it is the correct path to take.