Discover Why Self-Reflection Is Necessary to Make the LOA WorkThe biggest hindrance to making the law of attraction work is self-doubt. If you doubt yourself, you can’t have faith and without faith, the law of attraction will never work. If you tell yourself that you are successful, you shouldn’t doubt yourself 5 minutes later.

As long as there is an internal battle within yourself, you’ll see little to no results. Unwavering faith is required with the law of attraction.

Self-reflection is a very important habit and it’s useful for anybody.

“Self-reflection is a humbling process. It’s essential to find out why you think, say, and do certain things… then better yourself.” – Sonya Teclai

Like what Sonya says, you need to know why you think the way you. If you feel like you’re worthless, you need to figure out why you feel that way. Writing down the reasons why will help. These are always emotional reasons and may not make sense.

For example, some women constantly cheat on their partners even though they want to be faithful. Even using the law of attraction to fix this problem doesn’t really work because they are constantly tempted to cheat.

When many of these women sit down with psychologists or therapists, it’s often discovered that they were sexually abused by a family member or by someone close whom they trusted. Because of this, they have been emotionally affected and have trust issues.

Whenever they get close to someone, they go into flight mode and because they have trust issues, they end up betraying the other person’s trust. In some twisted way, they feel like they’re protecting themselves.

Only with self-reflection can you discover the true motives behind your feelings and actions. Sometimes it would be good to go for therapy to discover your underlying emotions that’s causing you to act the way you do.

Once you know what is wrong, you can slowly try to fix it. After fixing it, you’ll be much more effective at applying the law of attraction. There will be minimal conflict within you.

The same applies for those who’re struggling to accumulate wealth. You may notice that anytime you get a bit of money, it slips through your fingers easily. You barely remember what you spent the money on or where it went.

Upon closer introspection, you may discover that you grew up in a family that constantly had to make ends meet. There was always more month at the end of the money and you grew up believing that having barely enough was the norm.

You’ll need to change the way you think and learn to believe that money can stay with you and multiply. Instead of constantly being in lack, you must feel worthy of abundance. You need to believe that money wants to be with you.

Once you get used to being comfortable with money, when you visualize getting a pay raise or coming into a windfall, your belief system will tell you that you deserve it and in all probability, you’ll get what you desire.

As you can see, self-reflection is crucial to dispelling doubt and building faith. Your mind is like soil and your thoughts are seeds. Your soil has to be fertile for the seeds you plant in them to germinate. If your soil is filled with weeds, they’ll rob the soil of nutrients and kill off any positive seeds that you may plant.

Self-reflect often and correct your thinking as and when you see fit. This will be a lifelong pursuit but it is well-worth the effort. Over time, you’ll be a truly remarkable individual. Always remember that you attract what you are and not what you want.