If you are in the middle of a detox diet, it’s essential that you still keep exercising. However, the type of exercise you do should take into consideration the kind of detox you’re doing.

Water Detox

You don’t want to move around too much and use up too many calories. So, the best exercise to do while water fasting is to do easy stretching exercises and posing exercises like yoga. The reason is that you will not have enough energy to do much more.

But, you want to avoid too much muscle loss, so incorporate some very careful resistance moves using bands, or your own body such as planks.

Raw Food Detox

The great thing about the raw food diet is that you do not need to slow down the type of exercise you do. In fact, you should be able to work out harder than ever.

Consider bike riding, rowing, rebounding, and pretty much any type of exercise. Don’t forget to hydrate in advance and after.

High Carb Plant Based

This diet incorporates a lot of cooked starches, and you will need to burn off the extra calories you may ingest. You’ll have a lot of energy, so you can do anything during this type of detox.

Perform exercises that make you sweat for extra results.

Juice Detox

When you do a juice detox you will still be eating enough calories to exercise. However, you may experience some measure of weakness so you should be careful about the type of exercise you do until you’re sure about how the juice detox will affect you.

Try careful exercises like walking, stretching and swimming.

Even if you aren’t doing a specific diet detox for your body, you can use exercise to help detox by doing work that make you sweat.

Stay hydrated the entire time before, during and after the exercise, and make sure that you listen to your body as you work hard enough to sweat.

Take a shower after to wash all the toxins away and off your body to avoid rashes associated with sweat.

Detoxing your body is good for you, will improve your health, and make you feel great. You can get started today.