One of the greatest threats to the efficiency of the immune system is stress. Stress is sometimes referred to as the “fight or flight” response or you could say the “deer in the headlights” look or thought process or lack thereof.

In stress, you can think too much and stop breathing properly as a result. Breathe and deep breathing helps make everything work in the human body.

We cannot function without breathing and the oxygen that it carries with it. The better the air quality and the deeper you breathe the more you can help your immune system work properly. Teaching yourself to routinely deep breathe can improve your overall immune system.

How Deep Breathing Helps the Immune System

Every hour, every day, and every year cells regenerate, and cannot regenerate without oxygen. Breathing is the fastest and most efficient way for our bodies to get oxygen. Deep breathing helps our immune system regenerate cells in order to fight infection and any other ailments that try to bring our bodies down.

When you deep breathe, you stop the fight or flight from happening in your body and mind. Taking a deep breath allows you to think and move forward with your day. Deep breathing helps keep you strong to make money, exercise, love, and carry on with life.

Exercise Requires Oxygen Needed for the Best Immune System

There is no hiding the fact that exercise helps keep the immune system strong. The oxygen and deep breathing that exercise forces you to do is part of what helps keep you strong. Although twenty to forty-five minutes of exercise is healthy, just deep breathing during the day can also help you maintain a healthy mindset.

By simply deep breathing through your nose or mouth, seven times a day can greatly increase the efficiency of your immune system.

Yoga, Pilates, and meditation are excellent practices to help you deep breathe. People are living longer and are staying stronger. Yoga, Pilates, and meditation are not just trends, they really do help you breathe deep and improve your immune system.

Certain things cannot grow where there is oxygen. This is why one of the latest dental trends is an air pick. The more oxygen you can get under your gum line, the less bacteria will grow. Deep breathing through your mouth will help fight the bacteria that can easily grow in your mouth.

Deep Breathing Helps Digestion

The food we eat and the water we drink help to keep our immune system strong. Breathing deep will help our overall digestion system, which is extremely important to the health of our immunity. Our immune system is working all the time for us, but it is not until we get sick that we think about it.

If you maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise, eat whole foods, sleep, and incorporate deep breathing into your daily life, you can help to maintain a healthy immune system that will not have to work overtime.

Deep Breathing Helps Carry Toxins from the Body

One of the functions of the immune system is to eliminate toxins from the body. Deep breathing helps the immune system do just that. Every day we can be exposed to viruses and other bacterium that is floating through the air and that we breathe in. A strong immune system will help when you go to places like work or stores when you cannot control the quality of the air you breathe.

Final Thoughts

Deep breathing is a very simple practice you can adopt to help your immune system. The best part is that you can breathe deeply anywhere and anytime, it is free and takes very little time and effort to reap its many benefits.