Our mind is amazing and fascinating. It holds great power and sustains our life in many ways. It stands to reason that we need to put a premium on taking care of sharpening our mind and ensuring its health and wellness.

If we are to gain inner peace we need to learn how to keep our mind clear of churn and distracting thoughts. This doesn’t happen by itself and requires us to proactively declutter our mind.

We are not just a physical entity. Without our minds, it would be impossible to make sense of life and live it with greater meaning. Most of the substance that we create and make sense of in life comes from our mind. From daily decisions to actions, our life is constantly being run by it.

Pressure and Stress

Pressure comes from external happenings, but stress comes from our perception and reaction to this pressure. Stress is a product of our own minds and thoughts, which is why different people are affected differently by the same events. Some stress, some don’t.

Our minds can also become overloaded. With too many things going on at once, it can cause us to forget more easily, feel confused and experience stress. The mind can be like a glass that gets filled to the brim. When it happens, we are unable to take any more in or use it to its fullest capacity.

There is no doubt that the best decisions we make in life happen with a clear mind. We tend to make poorer decisions and experience more errors when our minds are stressed. The way to avoid that and utilize the strength of our minds is really to give it its much-needed relaxation time. We also need to free up mental space by decluttering our minds regularly.
Here are simple but effective tips to declutter your mind and rejuvenate yourself mentally. This will help bring about relaxation and develop inner peace.

Write Your Thoughts Down

Putting your thoughts on paper, either physical or electronic, is a very helpful way to unload the mind of its present worries. Carrying the weight of all the information in your mind, the things you need to do, work deadlines, and upcoming events can take a serious toll on the ‘worry-load.’

Carry a notebook with you, or use an app on your phone to help you remember things easily. Putting thoughts on paper can also be very liberating and uplifting. Not only does it ease the mind of worries, but it helps you be more organized with your ideas and random thoughts.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking can be incorrectly perceived as a method to enhance our productivity, but knowing the way our minds naturally work, it is not very efficient.

Doing more than one thing at a time not only divides focus and attention. It also lessens efficacy in what you are doing and gives you more reasons to feel stressed and overload your mind. As a result, you may be less able to think clearly and make the best decisions when you multitask.

Multitasking once in a while is okay, but it shouldn’t rule your life. Set your priorities, manage your time well, and learn to delegate tasks so you can avoid multitasking. Do one thing at a time, and do it well. Then move on to the next.

Declutter Your Physical Space

“As within, as without”. A great way to clear up mental space is to clear up the physical space in front of you first. Whether it’s your house, your desk, your workshop, or your closet, constantly seeing clutter right in front of you can feel very stressful.

Clutter represents chaos and this will add to your emotional burden. Cleaning up your space helps lessen the stress in your mind, giving you more mental space to feel calm and relaxed.

Regulate Your Information Input

We are experiencing more stress than ever before partly because our screen time on our smartphones overdrives the mind with information. Information overload is not simply a buzz phrase, it is a very real condition affecting the majority. It is necessary to regulate information consumption to allow your mind some mental space for simple relaxation.

Share Your Thoughts

The weight and seriousness of some of your thoughts can wear you down. Having people to turn to and talk to when you need it most is important. If you find yourself overwhelmed, give yourself time to rely on others for support by sharing your thoughts. Sharing is an instant way to ease your mind of its worries as it is very cathartic. A burden shared is a burden halved.