Do You Have the Courage to Embrace Your Spirituality?Following our own dreams and beliefs is often not easy. We’re afraid of what our peers will think and how they’ll react when they discover we believe differently from them.

This is true not only of small things such as the color of your clothing or the way you wear your hair but will they approve of your choice of a mate or which church you attend. Does spirituality blend in with your lifestyle?

We want to be viewed as smart and intellectual and many times we’re taught that intelligence and spirituality are two opposites that cannot possibly work together. Is this true?

Surely, intelligence and spirituality can follow the same path and work together to achieve a common goal.

Spirituality is defined as the sensitivity or attachment to religious values. It is also the quality or state of being spiritual. Can we possess the courage to embrace our spirituality when as an intellectual person we find no logical reason to do so? Many of the enlightened and great thinkers of the world possess this courage to embrace both and teach that one complements the other.

The farther we pursue the paths of learning and faith the more we learn that each supports the other. Both can exist well together and one without the other is usually achievement without meaning and fulfillment. Conflict does not exist if we follow each path far enough. We see that conflict is only imagined.

Great and notable teachers say that we are what we think. Our results in life have a direct correlation with our thoughts and attitudes. Positive thinking has shown that if we believe something we can achieve it but we must believe in ourselves and our purpose.

There is no doubt we achieve more when we think positive thoughts rather than thoughts of defeat and fear. Thoughts of failure and fear sabotage us and we cause our own defeat. Expect the worst and you’ll most likely get it.

God has a plan for success. He does not want us to fail and if we believe this then it makes intellectual good sense to seek all the help we can. The Bible teaches that if God is for us, then who can be against us?

Prayer gives us courage to embrace our spirituality and to change ourselves, not God. If spirituality takes away your fears and allows you to move forward with faith and courage then it seems this is the smart way to travel.

Our body is only part of our existence and we influence our body through our thoughts and actions. If we’re smart enough to strive for a better world then work on making a better you with courage through faith.

Summon the courage to embrace your spirituality and to act for the highest good of all mankind. Choose your beliefs for yourself and don’t let anyone else do it for you. You are as right as they are.

Resolve the conflicts within your life and you’ll find you can help others resolve theirs. Have the courage to change what you can and embrace what you cannot. Your heart will tell you if you’ve made the right choice.