There are a lot of myths about yoga that can often discourage people from trying it. In this article, we will separate myth from fact so you can decide whether or not yoga will help you achieve your health and life goals.

Myth 1 – Yoga is Spiritual, Not Physical

Fact: While it is true that certain types of yoga include meditation, that is concentration and focus, yoga is intended to be a union of body, mind and spirit. A healthy body is a healthy mind.

Myth 2 – Yoga is for Wimps

Fact: Yoga is a whole body workout that incorporates both aerobic activity if you do flow yoga that is, yoga movements in a sequence and strength training, such as you would do with weight lifting or using resistance bands.

It is quick and effective and develops long, lean muscles, balance, flexibility and stamina in a way few other workouts can. Both men and women can get a better body in only a few short weeks if they stick to their practice.

Myth 3 – Yoga is for Old People as It is Slow and Boring

Fact: While it is true that yoga is a great workout that increases flexibility and range of motion, it can be practiced by anyone at any age level and fitness level. Young and old alike enjoy the variety of the poses.

Fast workouts may burn more calories, but they can often cause muscle strain and injury. Think of slow weight lifting and you will get an idea of just how powerful yoga can be in building your best body.

Myth 4 – You will Never Lose Weight Doing Yoga

Fact: Ever see the people carrying yoga mats? Chances are that most of them are skinny. Yoga develops long, lean muscle, which boosts your metabolism and helps you burn calories more efficiently. You will also look a lot better in your clothes.

Think of the difference in volume between 1 pound of cotton balls (out of shape muscles) and 1 pound of brick well-conditioned muscles and you will get an idea of just how slim and trim you can start to look even if you never lose a pound.

But since each yoga session can burn an average of 500 to 1300 calories, a hot yoga session, yoga is the perfect way to get a better body.

Now that you know the facts, do a search online for yoga videos and DVDs and get starting with this great exercise that is fun, interesting, and can easily be done every day no matter where you are.