Common Causes of PressureThere are numerous situations that cause pressure. We usually think of causes of pressure as being negative, such as a rocky relationship or an exhausting work schedule. However, anything which puts high demands on you or forces you to adjust can cause pressure.

This includes positive events such as purchasing a house, receiving a promotion, getting married or going to college. Pressure can also be self-generated, for example, when you have pessimistic thoughts about life.

What causes pressure depends, at least in part, on your perception of it. Below are six common causes of pressure:

1 – Money

Financial trouble is a common cause of pressure. Rent, not being able to make ends meet, or credit card debt can put a serious amount of pressure on a person. In this society, where a lot of emphasis is on what you do and what you can afford, financial pressure is something that almost everyone can relate to.

2 – Relationships

Arguments with a parent, child or a spouse can increase stress. When you live together, the pressure may feel compounded. Issues among members of family or relatives, even if you are not directly involved can cause additional pressure.

3 – Procrastination

Everybody procrastinates for different reasons. However, in many causes, many of us despair because we feel overwhelmed or scared of what we need to do. This can develop frustration and unnecessary pressure. Instead of tackling a thought-provoking project in stages, people try doing the entire project at once. We should be proud of ourselves for every accomplishment we make, regardless of how little it is.

4 – Perceptions and Attitudes

How you view a particular situation or the world can determine whether it causes stress. For example, people who think that they are doing a great job at work will have less pressure out by a huge upcoming project than those who worry that they are incompetent or incapable.

5 – Uncertainty and Fear

Fear and uncertainty can hit closer to home , such being worried that you will not finish a project at work or won’t have enough money to pay your monthly bills. This makes you feel like you have no control over those events and this can be a major cause of pressure.

6 – Cognitive Dissonance

When there is a split between what we think and what we do, we do experience dissonance that is felt as pressure. Dissonance also occurs when we fail to meet our obligations. Most of us believe we are committed and honest, but when situations prevent us from meeting our obligations we are all faced with possibility of being seen as incapable thus generating a lot of pressure.