We’ve all been there – tired and achy from too much worry. The exhaustion you sometimes feel can be caused from worry or physical problems – or a combination of both.

Studies indicate that when people experience fatigue, they may not be able to function at their normal physical level and mental fatigue can make us sleepy and lethargic – unable to function in our jobs or a most other tasks.

Worry fatigue can be both mental and physical and leave you in a state where you might have such symptoms as headaches, dizziness, insomnia or sleepiness. These symptoms might turn into such physical ailments as high blood pressure or heart disease.

There are several things you can do if your worry patterns are causing fatigue. Since tiredness is a natural body response to anxiety and stress, it’s important that you get the stress under control. Here are just a few:

Develop Some Relaxation Habits

Tiredness can become a habit, especially if it’s caused by too much worry. The best way to combat worry fatigue is to develop some good relaxation techniques such as Yoga (deep breathing) and Tai Chi.

Learn Coping Skills

Coping with the stress that’s causing worry and fatigue is difficult and some need professional help. There are coping skills (such as “tapping”) that you can learn online and from books. Choose one that you think might help and practice it for awhile.

Determine If You Have Sleep Issues

Lack of sleep can wreak havoc on our worry patterns and cause extreme fatigue. It has a way of magnifying everything bad in your life. The natural fatigue that comes from lack of sleep may need to be addressed by a health care professional.

Take a Good Look at Your Lifestyle

Are you burning the candle at both ends, drinking too much alcohol or do you have relationship or career worries which press on your mind? Keeping a journal is a good idea to pinpoint where your tiredness stems from.

The more your worry fatigue interferes with your life and what you have to do, the more tired and overwhelmed you may become. A visit to the doctor may be in order to check out your physical well-being.

Learn how to get your worry patterns in check and chances are you will feel more energetic and able to greet the day with unlimited energy and focus.