Breaking the Rules in Love and LifeBoth in love and life there are many rules of society that can and should be broken to achieve success. That doesn’t mean to extend society rule breaking to breaking the law. Keep in mind that laws were set in place to protect us – but sometimes, society’s rules hold us back from happiness and success in life.

One of the outdated rules of love is that women should succumb to the wishes of their husbands. Today, issues in a relationship should be discussed, analyzed and perhaps compromised so that the relationship will flourish and neither one will lose their sense of independence.

Another “love” rule is that your love for your parents should make you obey them at all times. While respect and love for your parents should always exist, you must sometimes follow your own instincts rather than the well-meaning, but misguided advice of a father and/or mother.

Life rules that can be broken effectively include giving up on a job or promotion if certain credentials or experience is required. Some careers require years of training to do a job properly while others allow you to gain experience and knowledge from a variety of sources that are outside the norm.

Another rule of society that was set in place before the world became a little crazy is the rule that you should be friendly to everyone. Now, we tell our children to turn and run if a stranger tries to speak to them.

Of course, friendliness is preferred, but in some situations caution should be used. Today, many people think that an overture of friendliness is an open invitation to become a part of your life. You may need to be firm when dealing with others who are suspicious or whom you’d rather not get to know.

Before breaking any rule of love or life, think about the rule itself and analyze it for your particular situation. It may be suitable for some instances, but not for others.

Also, consider the consequences you’ll face if you do break a rule. Breaking some rules may alienate you from others, but boost your self-esteem. If breaking the rule is good for you and your future happiness, it’s probably okay to break it.

Rules can be obstacles or a safety net. They can help or hurt you – you’ve got to figure out which ones you can break and benefit yourself – and those which are better followed.