Breaking Rules for Efficiency’s SakeHenry Ford, founder of Ford Motor Company, defied almost every rule of business at the time to create the huge success of his company – which is still a success today. He created the first auto that the working man could easily purchase. It revolutionized a country.

Ford set up an assembly line and “shift workers” which ensured that each portion of a job would be performed well and on time. Until then, autos were put together individually – usually by one or two people – taking so much time that it added great expense to its purchase.

Another person who broke rules for efficiency’s sake is Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computers. He defied the rule that computers must be giant and complicated by introducing “personal computers” which could do the same work as the large ones and that the novice could easily use.

Nelson Mandela, leader of Africa, broke a society rule of speaking out and as a result spent years in prison – but the result was a “new” Africa – one in which everyone is now treated equally.

Rule breakers usually don’t start out thinking they’re breaking a rule to be more efficient. The old rules may be working, but they see a way to do it better and get the same results or even better results.

Sometimes, efficiency isn’t best served by working harder or inventing a new way to do things. The rule of working hard 24/7 to meet your goals and dreams isn’t the best way to live your life.

Taking time to enjoy life, spend time with family and friends and take time for yourself can make you more efficient when you do return to a project or to your job.

When your parents urge you to pursue a career you don’t feel you’re suited for, breaking the “parents are always right” rule can work for you. You won’t be efficient (or happy) in a position or career which you’re not enthused about or interested in.

Stating your opinion when it comes to standing up for your values or attempting to further your position may be risky, but you’ll feel much better about yourself and what you’re doing.

Self-esteem is one of the most important things you can do for yourself to make your mind and body run more efficiently. It can’t be measured, but the success you’ll realize is proof enough that it works.