Getting into a state of flow where work becomes effortlessly and you get more done than you ever thought possible is a wonderful feeling. It’s something we should all strive to achieve more often – ideally on demand.

Yet, this particular mental state isn’t all that easy to get into. And it gets even harder when you lack self-confidence and conviction in whatever it is you’re setting out to do. Let me explain.

By far the biggest enemy of getting into the flow state is indecision. Getting into the flow requires you to sit down and focus on this one project while ignoring anything and everything else. That requires a good bit of confidence and willpower.

Indecision on the other hand will have you stopping and second guess yourself before you even get started. Your first goal in an attempt to spend more working hours in the flow state then should be to get over said indecision.

Get in the habit of making decisions, making them quickly, and then sticking to whatever plan of action you committed to. Like any habit, it will take a little time and mental effort to get there, but it will be well worth it in the end.

Not only will this new habit of yours make it easier for you to get in the flow on a regular basis, there are other benefits to ditching indecision. The first thing that happens is that you will be perceived as more confident when you start making and sticking to decisions. You may not feel confident – yet-, but you sure look the part to those around you.

You’re also getting more productive regardless of whether or not you manage to get into the flow more or not. You’re simply wasting less time second guessing yourself and looking into all sorts of other options. Instead you pick what’s best based on the information you have and follow the course. Not only does this allow you to get more done, more importantly it allows you to finish more projects and do it more quickly.

This finishing of things and the admiration of your co-workers and bosses will quickly turn into real confidence, which in turn is also helpful when it comes to getting into the flow.

While a habit of indecision can create a vicious cycle that will continue to keep you from moving forward and getting into the flow, starting to become decisive on the other hand, will make it easier to reach that elusive and much sought after flow state.