Our body is surrounded by an energy field that is in constant interaction with our environment. From time to time, this energy is depleted and we need to restore the balance to make us healthy and feel good again. When the body’s energy system is in disarray, we feel tired and our immune system is down.

This is where Healing Touch Therapy comes in. It is a natural healing therapy that helps restore the balance of energy and makes it flow properly throughout the body. The practice involves a soft touch that enables the practitioner to influence our body’s energy system. It is a non-invasive, heart-centered procedure that aims to affect physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Healing Touch Therapy also provides a ‘caring relationship’ between the patient and practitioner, through the power of touch. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from healing touch therapy:

Reduces Stress

Around 90% of diseases are related to chronic stress, and stress makes our bodies age faster. Healing touch therapy has proven to be effective in managing stress. It reduces anxiety, promotes good quality sleep, improves concentration, reduces fatigue, and provides more energy.

Because it promotes a caring relationship, healing touch therapy makes the patient feel a loving presence. This is beneficial in that it can help reduce the patient’s feeling of being socially isolated. Consequently, it reduces stress and increases a person’s general well-being.

Promotes Relaxation Response

Healing touch promotes the body’s relaxation response, countering the fight or flight reaction when stressed. The therapy helps reduce the production of stress hormones. The brain releases endorphins that relax the muscles, and when the muscles are relaxed, the blood flows properly throughout the body. In turn, blood pressure levels and heart rate return to healthier levels.

Supports Healing

As healing touch therapy enables the energy to flow unhampered throughout the body, it promotes better absorption of nutrients. You have better digestion and regulated hormone production. In addition, toxins are released from the body, and your immune system is strengthened. These all support healing and wellbeing.

The body has inbuilt repairing mechanisms, which means that the body knows how to heal itself. Healing touch triggers the body’s release of neurochemicals to allow the healing process.

Relieves Pain

Reducing pain is one of the top benefits of healing touch therapy. When your body is congested, you feel pain, so the practitioner works on removing those energy congestions, effectively reducing pain levels.

People who have undergone major surgery can benefit greatly from healing touch as it improves mobility and enhances recovery. Healing touch is also used for people who are suffering from chronic illnesses, as well as cancer patients. For instance, the therapy provides support during radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Promotes Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Well-Being

Healing touch is commonly practiced in the fields of psychology and psychiatry. It helps address anxiety, depression, and other emotional concerns. It also aids the patient in having a stronger connection to the spiritual self. With this therapy, you experience a deep sense of calm and inner peace, which enables you to let go of worries you may be harboring.

At the same time, getting in touch with your own ‘quiet center’ opens you up to new insights and ideas. Being able to tap into your ‘inner computer’ is important because your body, emotions, mental alertness, and spirit are interconnected. When you don’t feel physically well, it affects your emotional state, stressing you or triggering anxiety. When you feel stressed, your body’s defense system weakens and you become more prone to sicknesses.

An Important Point To Remember

Healing touch has been widely used in the medical community and its effectiveness is supported by many types of practices. However, it may not be all you need in healing, so you may need to determine if you can use it as a sole alternative treatment for your health problems. Instead, you may find healing touch more beneficial when used in conjunction with other treatments.

Healing touch is for everybody, from newborns to the elderly. While other therapies may focus on physical healing alone or mental healing alone, healing touch is designed for both mind and body. Find how you can incorporate healing touch in your natural healing routine and see how it can work for you.