As we know, change is a constant in our lives, even if we don’t always welcome it. Unless we initiate the change on our own, it can initially feel unwanted and unpleasant, so we try to avoid it, sometimes to an extent that causes pain to ourselves and others.

We are creatures of habit. We are simply built to go for things that we are used to versus things that are unfamiliar to us. It is an unconscious guidance system that seeks to keep us safe from harm, and anything new or ‘different’ is perceived as a threat. Therefore, if that is how we are, it is understandable to feel resistant to change initially, especially if the change is one that is unplanned and disruptive.

However, change is paradoxically one of life’s constants, and we can make change work for us. We can befriend it, not constantly resist it. We can look at the changes we go through in life more positively, and although they can set us back or even catch us off-guard, they can still play a beneficial role in our lives.

Change is unavoidable, we should have all worked that one out. It is what life is made of. However, if you can see the positive side of change it can be a good thing. It can expose opportunities that you may not otherwise see.

Here are some of the reasons why change is important and why we shouldn’t go through life fighting it.

Change is Key to Helping Us Improve Our Life

Do you want to progress in your life? If your answer is yes, then change is needed and should be welcomed. As we go through life, if we can constantly improve ourselves, we will be stronger in all areas of our lives.

Progress is impossible without change. If you have already reached a personal goal, you can go for gold and strive to achieve more! The only way we can evolve and improve is to adapt and grow constantly, and we do that best by embracing changes in our lives.

Change Can Give Us a Better Perspective

Life is not only about what we see with our eyes. Our personal opinions and our attitude towards life are just as important. Our mindset will ultimately affect everything we do in life, including how we relate with others and how we do certain things.

Life gets better when we become more tolerant and adaptable to the changes that occur around and to us. Changes expand our horizons and can help us understand things better.

Change Develops Strength and Helps Build Character

Change may not always be pleasant. The changes that we don’t expect or the changes that we are least prepared for will sometimes turn out to become adversity in our lives. Even so, these changes can teach us to develop inner strength and build character as we find ways to adapt to something we may not have been prepared for or wished for.

One of the best things that change can develop in us is strength. You may never know how strong you are until you are left without a choice. You may have to muster up all the courage and strength you have, courage and strength you never knew you possessed, to deal with the unexpected. While change can be totally unpredictable and even painful many times, it can bring out the strength within you.

Change Opens Doors to New Opportunities

One of the hidden aspects of change is that it leads us to new opportunities. When change is unpleasant, we often view it as a closed door, however, if you just open the windows, you may see more clearly. There may be opportunities awaiting you! Try to see change as a key to unlocking the door, and viewing new opportunities, because it could be the best doorway you walk through in your life.

Change Can Develop Self-Confidence

Changes can be frightening, but if you can embrace a change that causes you to be fearful, and you can accept or overcome it, this step can lead to greater self-confidence. If you want to build more confidence in yourself, take more action and do things that scare you. Be bold enough to try something new because it will help you develop more courage and faith in yourself.

Change Means Excitement

Are you feeling stuck or bored with life? If so, the answer to your problem could be embracing change! Change seems to be the answer to many problems in life, but we often resist it as it is easier to stay in our comfort zone, albeit a boring one.

While change can be both scary and exciting, we often only see change as scary, and we overlook the fact that change can be exhilarating! Change can lead you to new adventures and potentially create more excitement in your life!