Some of us seem to have a little trouble being true to who we really are. It’s not really our fault most of the time.

We have trouble with it because we have been conditioned since childhood to think a certain way, believe in certain things, and act a certain way.

Being able to question all of those things will help to make us much better people – people who are true to ourselves no matter what.

When the truth comes, realization also comes. Once we are able to reach that realization, all of our thoughts, actions and the words we speak are based on truth.

Because of the spiritual aspects that yoga has to offer, you will more than likely start to question some of the things that you have been taught in the past. You will learn to find your own truth on your own terms – making it so much better for you.

And this doesn’t just happen while you are in a yoga session when these things come to light for you. Once you have reached this truth that you’ve sought for so long, it has to travel with you outside of the yoga studio, outside of your home and other places that you go throughout your day. It has to carry with you no matter where you go and all of the time.

If you are not truthful to yourself, you can’t really expect other people to be truthful with you either. And you won’t always be true to other people either. It’s a lot like the self-love aspect. Once you begin to do it, then others will follow.

You will want to surround yourself with those who have the same systems in place as you do when it comes to living as your true self.

You are the only person in charge of you, your health, your spirituality, and your growth. So, make sure you are doing what makes you happy – what makes you feel happier – and be the one who loves your life just the way it is.

Once you are true to yourself, you will find that things in your life begin to fall into a much better place for you. Be who you are and own it once you figure it out. You are spectacular and being able to accept who you are is a wonderful feeling!