To find inner peace we need to work on ourselves. This inner work clarifies our values, helps us determine our life purpose, and results in us becoming more authentic and effective as individuals.

Inner peace is important and something we need to work on deliberately. It usually doesn’t come automatically and although some people find it easier to be more at peace than others, we all have very different life circumstances.

There is no one perfect path to inner peace. It all boils down to an individual’s work on themselves, and achieving this level of self-actualization is inherently priceless and precious.

There are often moments in our lives when we wish we felt more at peace than we can manage. It’s as if our thoughts and emotions are ahead of us and we’re running out of control. The truth is, we are not and we can manage to modulate the chaos and negativity outside. We can control it from within by building inner peace.

For the times you find yourself trying to calm down and silence the voices in your mind, one of the most effective ways to do it is through affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that you can personally make and say to yourself. You can repeat them when needed, or at least daily. It’s a very effective method for rewiring the brain. It can help break negative cycles of thought, speech, and actions.

Cultivating true and lasting inner peace often takes time, but affirmations are a way to develop inner peace powerfully. Always say positive affirmations with conviction and emotion and then repeat the ones that feel good to you.

Here are 25 positive affirmations that will help you feel calm and relaxed:

1. I release myself from this pain that is weighing me down, it is simply a matter of perception.

2. My current circumstance is an opportunity for me to grow as a person.

3. Every single breath I take fills me with peace and calmness.

4. I freely choose my thoughts and decide only to keep those that fill me with peace and joy.

5. I am deserving of obtaining the luxury of peace in my life.

6. I freely choose to quiet my mind and thoughts whenever I want and need to.

7. I am thankful for my ability to think of peaceful thoughts and enjoy my life in peace.

8. I keep calm regardless of any stressful situations that enter my day.

9. Stress can’t take control of me.

10. I choose to live peacefully in every moment of my life.

11. I am always calm and relaxed even during stressful situations. Any stress is only temporary.

12. Creative and innovative solutions come to me effortlessly because my mind is always calm, relaxed, and at peace.

13. I am free of stress and unnecessary worries.

14. Peaceful energy surrounds me and the people that I love.

15. Life is beautiful and peaceful at every single turn.

16. Within myself lies a deep sense of calmness that I turn to for strength and purpose when the going gets tough.

17. All is well… within me, outside of me, and beyond me.

18. I release myself from my past, and my fear for the future, and live in tranquility right here right now.

19. I am overflowing with peace, love, and well-being. My need for inner peace is met abundantly.

20. I radiate a deep sense of peace within me to everyone I come across.

21. I am a powerful channel of peace and love.

22. My positivity is superior to any negative thoughts and low-level actions.

23. I am at peace and feel at peace with everything that happened in the past, what is happening now, and whatever is still about to happen.

24. Peace is my birthright and I choose to forgive and release myself from my past.

25. Unnecessary thoughts don’t have a way of staying inside my strong and peaceful mind. This, too, shall pass.