We all want to be in control of our lives. However, despite every effort and good intention, there are some situations in life that we lose control over and cannot fix or change the outcome. These are the times when you can be at the mercy of your emotions. Trying to resist events you cannot prevent or change often makes things worse.

When faced with situations beyond your control, it is essential to recognize that certain events occur for a purpose, even if it is not immediately evident. Accepting circumstances as they are enables you to deal more effectively with situations beyond your control.

Why is Acceptance Necessary?

When we experience unexpected events that bring negatively perceived change, our common reaction is to question why.

Why did this happen? Why did it happen to me? No amount of wondering or questioning is going to help change anything, so acceptance is necessary. Some things cannot be changed and that’s the reality. Not accepting only leads to unhealthy emotions and coping strategies.

Acceptance allows you to acknowledge the situation and face the problem. When you can do this, it will eventually lead you to find some degree of inner peace. Managing your reactions and emotions to undesirable situations can make a difference in your life, whereas, trying to fix something that cannot be changed only leads to misery.

This allows you to accept what you cannot change and to make wiser decisions that can make you happier in the future.

Ways to Accept Situations You Cannot Change

Here are some ways that can help you get through the tough times when life takes control and you have to accept the changes.

Practice Psychological Flexibility

This personality trait will help you when an unexpected event or stressor occurs because it requires you to change your outlook or attitude. You learn to be flexible in your thoughts to cope with changes and think of your problems and pursuits in innovative ways. You allow yourself to be open in expressing different kinds of thoughts such as regret, sadness, or disappointment.

At the same time, you accept them without avoidance and continue pursuing your goals despite experiencing negative emotions. You remain firm in facing difficult situations and have an optimistic view and approach to confronting your problems. When a situation cannot be changed, you learn to change how you feel about it instead.

Be Realistic and Happy

If you have a happy outlook on life you are less likely to feel moody and depressed. Your upbeat mood makes all the inevitable changes easier to accept. Your mood is greatly affected by what you do in your life.

Undertake self-care pursuits, such as eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, getting enough sleep, and having social interactions that will influence your mood positively. Also, avoid unhealthy habits, such as sedentary living, and excessive use of drugs or alcohol. You may think they can make you happy, but they don’t. Short-term euphoria or suppression of emotion is not the same as being happy.

If you have unreasonable expectations that what you do in life is supposed to make you happy, it can cause disappointments.

Don’t assume that you can find happiness in a particular person, job, material possession, or activity. Balance your attention and efforts on everything, instead of expecting too much from something or someone. This way, you can accept change in your life much easier.

Determine What You Can and Cannot Control

Trying to force any situation to change will not always make it change. It only increases your emotional anguish. Therefore, it is crucial to realize what is and what isn’t within your control. Control what you can and let go of the rest. You may soon see that life is easier when you don’t try to handle and manage everything.

Final Thoughts

People can get depressed when they dwell on the past and complain about how things should be. To accept reality, let go of past regrets and fear, and worries about the future. Be aware of today and appreciate it. Remember why you are doing what you are doing to avoid or stop your emotional anguish.

Accepting situations you cannot change is sensible and does not mean you have to give up. It simply shows you understand that not everything can be controlled and changed. Learning the above ways of living with the unchangeable things behind you can make you move forward, grow stronger, and live your life to the fullest.