Self-doubt is never fun and it can be quite counterproductive. What do you do when you start to doubt in your own abilities to get things done? You deploy this simple three step strategy, gain the confidence you need and then get to work.

Give it a try the next time that little voice in your head that tells you that things can’t be done, you’re not good enough, or there’s no point in trying because there’s no way it will work.

Step 1 – Determine What’s Causing the Doubt

Before you can do anything about it, you need to find out what’s causing your self-doubt. Is it fear? Is it not having enough knowledge? Is it a lack of self-confidence? Spend a little time thinking about why exactly you feel that you can’t do this.

This first step is crucial. Don’t skim over it… your solutions won’t work unless you get down to the root of the problem. Be honest with yourself and dig deep. It is well worth it since this alone will often help and it will make the next two steps much easier to do.

Step 2 – Figure Out What You Can Do About It

Once you know exactly what the problem is, it’s time to make a plan for overcoming it. Don’t know how to do something? Go find someone that can teach you how to do it, read a book, take a course, or watch a YouTube video. The world is full of knowledge for those who seek it.

Is fear fueling your self-doubts? Face that fear and ask yourself what would happen if you did it anyway. This simple act is often all it takes to gain the confidence to give it a try despite the fear.

Step 3 – Do What You’ve Set Out to Do

The last step is simple. It’s time to take action and get to work. Do something. Do anything. Make some progress and move forward toward reaching your goals. The hardest part is often just getting going and taking those first few steps.
Yet that’s all it takes is to get moving and build a little momentum. That’s often enough to silence the self-doubt and give you a boost of confidence. And that in turn will keep you going.

Give this simple little 3-Step strategy a try the next time you suffer from self-doubt and see if it works for you.