There is nothing more beautiful than having found your spiritual path. That said, there’s nothing quite so complicated as knowing how to develop it in ways which will constantly challenge you and change you for the better.

Thankfully it’s not a hard process to develop your spiritual self. You can start right where you are with these simple tips:

Begin Slowly

As with any change, trying to do too much, too fast leads to burnout and the feeling of failure. In practicing spirituality, start with small changes, and add to those as you feel more capable and confident.

Try a Spiritual Retreat

Time off to explore what your spirituality means to you, whether guided or not, is always a good idea. If you can’t afford to go on a full-blown retreat, create a mindfulness weekend by turning off all electronics and taking some time alone to explore your spiritual self.


These are such easy things to work into your day. An affirmation is simply a truth you’re working to embrace. Write down several positive statements reflecting the spiritual growth you wish to work towards and leave them in places where you can see them often. Read them out loud when you find them.

Keep a Spiritual Mind

Throughout the day, hold your spiritual self close. Look at everything in your life through the lens of faith, forgiveness, joy, and acceptance. If your practice includes speaking to the divine, then make a practice of engaging in ongoing prayer throughout the day.

Find a Mentor or a Group Who Holds Similar Beliefs

Having someone who has been on a similar spiritual path to guide you on your journey gives you direction, especially through life’s challenges. You do not have to go it alone!


Take the time to step back from your life and see it from the outside looking in. Where do you see your path the clearest? How has the divine or the universe guided you upon your way? What are you being led to do next?

Express Yourself

How does your spiritual self manifest? What activities (such as meditation or yoga) are part of your spiritual journey? Commit to practicing these activities daily by adding them into your usual routine.

Taking time to develop your spiritual life is one of the areas you will find the most rewarding in your journey of self-discovery and personal improvement. This is where you discover the truest form of yourself and tap into your fullest potential.