7 Roadblocks to ChangeAre you stuck in an area of your life that you desperately want to see progress in? You may be stuck at a certain weight or in a dead end job. You may have a relationship that you think isn’t as it should be. These are roadblocks to progress and it has everything to do with the way you think about change.

Here are seven roadblocks that can keep you at the status quo and prevent changes in all areas of your life:

1 – Lack of Clarity

When you’re vague about what an area in your life should look and feel like, it’s a roadblock to success. You don’t really know what success in that area does look like because you’ve never clarified it and given it a specific definition.

2 – Lack of Passion

If you don’t want something badly enough, it’s not going to happen. How badly do you want your relationship to work or to be a success at your job?

3 – Waiting for an Exact Plan

Any plan you make for the future has a chance of falling down in mid-flight. Go ahead and plan and meet the obstacles with determination to go on.

4 – Lack of Patience

It may take a while for our well-thought-out plans to start working. In the process, you may become impatient with yourself or the process and become less understanding and forgiving when you take a step backward.

5 – Lack of Confidence

Without confidence, you’ll never be able to overcome and figure out the problems that are sure to surface with change. The only way to gain confidence is to be consistent about your changes. Begin small and assess each problem or roadblock with the knowledge you’re gaining along the way.

6 – Giving Up on Yourself and Your Dreams

When you give up, you’re setting in motion the end to everything you wanted and strived for. Don’t take failure as a final answer. Instead, make it a stepping stone to success.

7 – You’re Too Busy

Thinking you’re too busy with other areas of your life to work for the success you’re dreaming about in another area can shoot down your plans. Make time for what you really want. Everyone has 24 hours in their day and you can make your 24 exactly what you want.

The important thing is not to feel powerless when you come across an obstacle that seems too tall to climb or too complicated to overcome with your present knowledge.

You have the power to step back, get help, rethink and re-strategize your plan of attack. Keep digging. It’s there and if you believe it can happen, it will.