As you explore the world and define who you are, you can’t help but discover the world of personal spirituality. This is a normal and healthy part of your growth and development and involves a journey that will guide you in the course of your life, leading toward a sense of peace and contentment you will find in no other way.

As you explore what this means for you, you’re going to find spiritual practices will naturally form as part of this process. This might involve anything, starting from mindful practices such as prayer and meditation all the way down to more subtle expression in how you treat other people, or in how you take care of yourself.

Before you start thinking about how much this sounds like work, stop for a moment and consider these benefits to developing a spiritual practice:

You Experience Clarity

When you put time into a spiritual practice, you’re taking time to put things into perspective. Whether you’re engaging in prayer or meditation, both involve the clearing of your mind, allowing for you to see things in a way that cuts through the distraction and provides a better focus on what’s truly important.

You Discover Joy

Regular practice becomes more than a habit, but something you look forward to, bringing you happiness in the act itself. Joy, though, has a deeper component which includes contentment coupled with joy, stemming from being at peace with who you are and what your role in life is.

You’re More Grounded

When life feels uncertain and ever-changing, your spiritual practice holds you to a pattern of sameness to remind you some things are unchanging.

You Become More Mindful

The key to mindfulness is living in the moment. Your spiritual practice holds you in the here and now and invites focus in this instant without long dwelling on the past or worry about the future.

You’re Better Prepared for Difficulty

When you practice your spirituality regularly, you’re better grounded in your beliefs and have a keener understanding of why things happen in your life. These are key to surviving disasters.

When you’re in a situation where the world around you is spiraling out of control, having something you can turn to instantly means you’re not spiraling out of control along with the circumstances. You’re better able to step back and see what there is to learn from the experience, or even to ascribe more profound meaning to what’s going on.

Your Journey Becomes Deeper

Spiritual practice invites you to examine yourself. You start to see the big picture of your life. At the same time, you’re discovering things about yourself you never knew and learning to focus on the small details. Together this leads to a real understanding of who you are, where you want to go, and your journey in getting there.