5 Tips to Manifesting Money with the LOAThe majority of people get started with the law of attraction it because they want to get rich. They want to quit their jobs and spend their lives lazing around sun-kissed beaches. They want to live in mansions and drive fancy cars.

Men also believe that with all these trappings and symbols of financial success, they may get a supermodel girlfriend and live happily ever after.

Different people have different needs. For some, it’s just to be debt free. For others, it’s lavish lifestyles.

There is no right or wrong answer here. Some people may feel that those who want more money are greedy.

The moment you think this way, you are separating yourself from the positive energy that attracts money and financial independence. All you should focus on is what you want and the kind of financial success you’d like to see.

Whatever the case may be, the fundamentals of manifesting money are the same when it comes to the law of attraction. This article will give you 5 tips. If you follow them closely and put your heart and soul into practicing them, you will notice your financial situation improve.

1 – Visualize

This is the key to manifesting money and you’ll need to be specific about it. If you just say you want to be rich, you’re not going to get anywhere because that is just a wish. Your demand is vague and the law of attraction can’t fulfill your desires because you don’t know what you want either.

You must have a specific amount in mind. For example, I wish to earn 100,000 a year. Now that is specific and the law of attraction has something to work on. You have an exact number to visualize too.

This is the most important rule to manifesting money. You must know exactly what you want and see it in your mind’s eye before you can see it in reality.

2 – Tithe

If you are a Christian who tithes or you’re in the habit of donating a portion of your money to those in need, this is an excellent practice. If you’re not in the habit of tithing, it’s time to start.

You do not need to give 10% of your salary if you’re on a super tight budget. Even a couple of dollars to someone in need will make you feel like you have something to be grateful for.

You’ll also have a sense of satisfaction from knowing that you helped someone or that you have the ability to give some money. This feeling is crucial for shifting your mindset from one of ‘lack’ to one of ‘abundance’. Far too many people feel like they’re too broke to help anyone.

You can’t work law of attraction in your life if you’re constantly going around feeling like you’re so broke that you can’t even pay attention… or if you feel like your wallet flat like an elephant sat on it.

3 – Save

Make an effort to save a little every month. Even if all you can put aside is $10, do it. Don’t aim for 10% if you can’t afford it. $10 will do… if you can’t afford $10, then $5 will do.

What’s most important is that you put some money aside every month and let it accumulate. Nature abhors a vacuum and the knowledge that you have some money set aside and you’re not flat broke will really help you to have faith that more money is on the way.

4 – Spend Without Regret

Don’t regret your buying decisions. Many people have buyer’s remorse and this is a form of negative thinking. Buy what you need and be happy with your purchase. If you spent on something you shouldn’t have because of a momentary weakness of judgment, go ahead and enjoy what you bought.

More money is on the way and you can afford what you just bought. This is how you should think. Always think abundance.

5 – Watch Your Thoughts

The enemy is always at the gate and in this case, the enemy is self-doubt, negativity and lack of faith. It’s human nature to feel like what you’re visualizing will not materialize just because it’s taking longer than it should or you have no idea how it will happen.

These are not your concerns. Your only job is to visualize what you want and believe that you’ve already gotten it. When you believe it, you’ll see it. Guard your mind against negative thoughts and always strive to be positive. You must be an optimist par excellence.

If you follow these 5 tips, you will attract money into your life and live in abundance.