With our lives so busy, it’s not always easy to make time for the important things in our lives. Job, family, and social obligation all eat away at our available time. As a result, we find ourselves making decisions about how we spend our time that isn’t always good for us.

The problem is, it’s hard to prioritize when there’s so much pulling at your attention. How do you know what’s truly important?

Oddly enough, the one thing you need most to help guide your steps in the rest of your life is the one most frequently neglected: Your personal spirituality.

The exploration of your inner self is what should be your guiding star. Spirituality gives you peace and purpose, drive, and direction. Without it, you’re just wandering in circles, trying to make the best of a life without true direction.

How can you add spirituality into an already busy schedule?


How are you breathing? Checking in with yourself regularly is essential. When we’re stressed or impatient, our breathing becomes shallow and erratic. Instead, take nice slow, deep breaths. Picture yourself breathing in peace, and breathing out stress, worry, and everything unpleasant. Dedicate a few minutes each day to these breathing exercises.

Go Barefoot

There is an energy that comes from nature that we can’t get anywhere else. By walking barefoot in the grass, we connect to the earth in ways science can’t explain, though they’ve documented the benefits over and over. Also, visiting green spaces and experiencing nature even in small ways, and spending time outdoors all have a very positive impact on the spiritual.

Drink Water

Hydration is important to good health, but water does more than just keep things running. It also flushes out those toxins that leave you feeling draggy and tired. You can’t embrace the spiritual if you’re not able to concentrate well.

Bask in Sunlight

In the first hour or last hour of the day where the sun is rising or setting is the best times to get outside and soak up some rays, along with the energy coming from them. Also, you’ll be amazed at what this does for energy levels and ability to concentrate.

Listen to Better Music

If the message in your music is negative, expect your mood likewise to be dark. If you want to tap into the positive, and experience good vibes, change your music (and movies, and other entertainment…) to a more enlightening type. This slight change will leave you feeling better and more positive about the world in general.

None of these tasks should take a lot of time (though you might find you enjoy them and want to dedicate more of your day to the ones that impact you deeply). Start with taking just one or two and adding them into your daily routine. Experience the difference. You’ll be surprised at how big of a difference this makes.