If you have a lot of items that are still usable, but you don’t want or need them, donating them is a great way to move them out without feeling guilty. We live in such comfort that it’s easy to forget that there are people out there who don’t have a suit so they can go to an interview, a teddy bear to snuggle with or the supplies they need for school.

Getting rid of stuff that you never used or no longer need is a lot easier to get rid of when you know it’s going to someone who will cherish it. Here’s an ideas short list of places you might not have thought of before.

School Supply Drives

Think back to the kid in your class who used a short stubby pencil because that’s all he had. Remember the kid who the teacher would sneak notebook paper to because she didn’t have any. Now think of the snickering they had to endure.

Every community has school supply drives. Take the stacks of new notebooks, etc. to Staples or another office supply store in your area if you can’t find an organization that collects.

Animal Shelters

They are always in need of sheets and towels they can use to bath and comfort unwanted pets with. They don’t care if there’s a stain here or there. Give them a good home instead of throwing them out, assuming no one will want them if they aren’t perfect.

Domestic Violence Shelters

Shelters do more than house women and children who are victims of domestic violence. They also prepare them to move into new homes of their own. They are in need of all types of household goods so that they can set up a safe home for themselves and their kids. Unmatched cups? They love them! Ugly dishes your aunt gave you as a wedding gift? They’ll take them!

Love Luggage

These organizations collect little-used luggage, duffle bags, etc. to give to foster children who typically only have a trash bag to move their few meager possessions in. Image the smile on that face when they have their own suitcase, and maybe even a little gently-used stuffed animal inside? There are several organizations out there that do this type of thing, so you shouldn’t have trouble finding one in your area.

Veteran’s Outreach

Unfortunately, many veterans fall through the cracks after they return home. There are many different organizations that provide veterans with basic needs. Ask your local agency what they need and then feel great about helping out someone who served to defend our country.