There are many quotes that can inspire people to become the best person possible. But, there is more to excellence than just inspiration. There is also the art of self-discipline.

However, being a disciplined person of your own accord may not be as common as you think. Consider the five following traits as you assess whether you are on the right track to self-discipline in work and life.

1 – Flexible with Structure

Sounds like an oxymoron, right? Think about how a typical day goes. The word surprises comes to mind – the little things that throw us off schedule. So, when you consider how to be self-disciplined, don’t get too hung up on tight structure.

Consider structure to be something that adapts to the ebbs and flows of a day. Not only will you find this decreases stress, but it also increases productivity.

2 – Willing to Teach

Most people think that self-discipline is about focusing on a task and getting it done in the most efficient way. But, you will find that those with the most rewarding lives are the people who take time to help others find the same self-discipline.

Teaching others is the best way to learn from your own mistakes and articulate that which works well and that which does not.

3 – Limits Multi-Tasking

In today’s world of multiple gadgets, social media, and email, it can be easy to get distracted by trying to do too many things at once.

Disciplining yourself to complete one task at a time, or come to proper stopping points before moving on to the next task, is the best way to achieve true excellence in work and life.

4 – Strives for Productivity

The mind can be a place of great ideas as well as a place to get lost in anxiety. A person who is self-disciplined relies on their own coping skills and willpower to keep moving forward at all times.

While rest is useful for any mind, planning that time for relaxation works better than simply sloughing off. Downtime is meant to rejuvenate not procrastinate!

5 – Stays Goal-Focused

There’s really only one way to ensure that you are self-disciplined in your life and work, and that is through goal-setting. While looking ahead at the fifty thousand foot view gives you a feeling of euphoria, it is best to keep your goals within today.

Set boundaries for yourself so that what you need to do is not overtaken by daydreaming what you want to do. If you do what needs to be done, what you want will all fall into place.