Are you the type of person who make decisions based on fear? Does fear hold you back from an action and ideally knowing your hindrances are real? Fear is a mixed feeling of reverence and dread. Why should you overcome fear?

Here are the four most scalable reasons to conquer fear and help enhance a tolerance for rejection and discomfort.

1 – Fear Suppresses Your Potential

Fear prevents personal growth and progression in life. It limits you to live your best life and become a better person. Overcoming fear expands the opportunities and possibilities that surround our lives.

When you let it drive your feelings, thoughts, behaviors and decisions, you reduce your mind to a slave of fear. The state is very disempowering; everything you do or every decision you make is a result of fear, rather than your desire. If you entrench off in the land of fear, you can never achieve higher levels of consciousness.

2 – Fear Exists Only in Your Mind

Why let yourself be scared by a scarecrow which only looks scary but harmless? Fear is similar. It is based on the danger perceived in your mind. The feeling arises when the brain formulates a perception that non-physical threats are actual dangers, which is false.

For instance, most people fear public speaking which is physically harmless. Most people develop the thought of people judging them, slipping up and the embarrassment that results. These thoughts and fears exist only in your mind.

3 – Fear Wastes Your Energy

Fear is irrational, and a squander of mental and emotional strength. Every time you surge in fear, you nurture more logical non-constructive thoughts that feed your energy. Relax and serenely process the situation and intelligently identify solutions.

Fear significantly triggers adrenaline that increases physical rather than mental performance. Adrenaline stresses your body and results to jittery nerves. Overcoming your fears ensues into more positive feelings and sound thoughts, which progress into positive aftereffects.

4 – Fear is Pervasive

Fear is prevalent. Deal with fear, do not let it permeate and patronize in everything you do. Running and eluding fear gives you a delusion of security for a short moment. No matter how you run, you are just living in the confinement of fear. A small acorn ultimately becomes an enormous oak tree. Learn to deal and overcome it., or cringe in its existence to become a fragment of who you could be.

Overcoming your fears helps you understand that fears are illogical and entirely obliterates them. You are left emancipated to achieve your highest potential and chase your desires with less hesitation.