We all know that getting back to nature is good for us, but it’s not always practical to visit the great outdoors. What do you do when you find yourself yearning for green spaces, and you can’t get there until the weekend? You find some quick and easy ways to bring the outdoors to you.

Try these ideas to bring nature into your home, regardless of where you live:

1 – Add Plants

There’s such a variety of houseplants you can grow that even someone who doesn’t have a green thumb can succeed. Try anything from succulents to cacti to whatever suits your fancy.

Adding plants to a room that’s small can be a creative endeavor sometimes, but even that can be overcome by using plant hangers or even mounting the pot right on the wall.

An added benefit? Having one plant for every 100 square feet of space will erase the carbon footprint of your home, making not just for a pleasant environment, but healthier air as well.

Can’t grow a thing? A visit to your local craft store will show you a variety of really well-made fake plants that will at least give the impression of the outdoors so authentic looking that your friends would have to scrutinize the plant to see if it’s real or not – and even then, they won’t be sure.

2 – Decorate with Natural Materials

Whether using furniture heavy in wood or bamboo, or even just adding in some cotton throws or a tatami mat, there’s plenty of ways to give your home a more ‘natural’ look without it having to cost a fortune.

In your bedroom try creating a headboard from reclaimed materials or put up a wood framed mirror that gives the added benefit of making the room seem larger than it is.

3 – Add Something From the Outdoors

Who says a hammock only has to be used under the trees? Hang one to use as a cozy reading nook, and in some wind chimes somewhere they can catch a breeze from the window that their music might soothe away the sounds of the city.

4 – Add Some Sunshine

Natural light is important for mood and good health. By hanging sheer curtains over the window (think a soft muslin for that natural feel) you can still maintain your privacy from nearby neighbors while still letting in enough light to give you all those health benefits.

Overall, be creative. If you see something that makes you think of the outdoors, then add it to your room. Everything from seashells to leaf motif shelving is fair game. It truly doesn’t take much to give your home that perfect ‘back to nature’ feel, providing that perfect refuge until the next time you can embrace the great outdoors in person.