We’ve all heard the saying “You’ve got to break eggs if you want an omelet.”

The idea inherent is among the reasons why taking risks is so vitally important to achieving success.

Think about it, if you don’t accept the risk of losing, you can never have the reward of winning. It is the risk that gives you the chance to come out on top.

When you really understand this, you can easily see that risk-taking is a positive and beneficial behavior that allows success to develop in both life and business.

In order to demonstrate this, in this article, we’re going to look at three specific benefits that come from taking risks:

1 – Unexpected Opportunities

We often take risks in order to obtain a very specific benefit. You do X in order to get Y. However, there are times when that specific benefit is eclipsed by other positive results that were completely unexpected. When you take risks, your actions cause you to be placed in situations that are not run of the mill or ordinary.

Because of this, the reward of being in that situation is also not run of the mill or ordinary. One risk taken for a specific benefit can easily lead to unexpected opportunities which provide benefits that are out of this world.

2 – Building Self-Assurance

One of the main benefits of taking risks is that you get better at taking risks. It doesn’t seem logical, but risky behavior leads to even more risky behavior. Now, when we talk about risky behavior, we are talking about positive behaviors. No one should ever behave in a way that puts them in personal danger.

That said, taking positive risks allows you to develop the ability to be able to judge the future risk. In other words, you get better at estimating the odds for success the more that you take risks.

3 – Personal Growth

Oscar Wilde once said that experience is the name that we give to our mistakes. The point here is that without mistakes or failure there can be no experiences that promote learning or growth. In a strange way, you need to first fail before you can truly succeed.

This means that if you don’t take risks, you can’t fail. Without failure, you are not guaranteed success. You only make your overall failure virtually guaranteed. Without risk, you will stay where you are and that is the ultimate failure.