Risk taking is not a negative activity. It is not about trying to put yourself in situations where your health or your money are at risk. Instead, risk taking must be viewed as a positive activity.

Furthermore, risk taking must also be viewed as a necessary activity, one that conveys positive benefits on those who assume the risk.

After all, if you never try to succeed, you can never hope to succeed.

In other words, when you avoid risk all you do is avoid the chance for success. The bottom line is that risk is beneficial.

In this article were going to take a closer look at some of those benefits.

1 – Success Must Be Pursued

If you want to succeed, you have to work to achieve the goals that make up any positive outcome. No matter what success means to you, it can’t be achieved by sitting back and waiting for it to happen. It will not simply drop into your lap.

You need to have a real fire in your belly in order to succeed. This means that you will have to take risks in order to accomplish what you want to accomplish and reap the rewards of those accomplishments.

Think about it this way. Risk itself is a bloodhound. Risk pursues success. Risk points the way to success. It shows you the direction that you want to go.

Without risk, you can lose the path that leads you to your goals. Without risk, you are lost.

2 – Taking Risk Changes You

When it comes down to it, fear is the number one thing that kills all chance of success. Oftentimes, this fear is not a fear of failing (although for many people, that is an issue as well). Instead, the fear that holds many people back is actually a fear of success.

Now, being afraid of success seems totally illogical. After all, isn’t achieving success supposed to bring happiness? However, no matter how illogical it may seem, fear of success is a real thing simply because success brings about change. Change is what many people really fear.

There is no need for this fear. Change is good. It opens windows in your life and airs things out. It gives you a new perspective. By taking risks, you bring about this necessary change.

When you take a risk, you see that incremental and positive changes in how you act and feel are not frightening. Quite the opposite, they are there to be embraced.