Blackberry On Stone Board

I am so blessed to live where there are blackberry bushes growing just about anywhere you look – outside of the concrete deserts, that is. The first little dark, bumpy orbs are ripening now and I had my first pickens’ a few days ago. They are especially sweet this year as far as blackberries can be, although they are smaller than they usually are around here. (The large ones that you see in the supermarkets are anomalies as far as I am concerned, and they usually taste rather bitter.) However, the wonderful flavor that the ones that grace this part of the world have this year makes up for any lack of girth about them!

Did you know that blackberries are one of the most perfect superfoods you can eat? They are very powerful antioxidants as they are capable of scavenging a high amount of free radicals that contribute aging to many health conditions including cancer. They are also an excellent source of many vitamins and minerals and are high in fiber. And (for me anyway), you can feel ecstatic by just popping them in your mouth and enjoying their incredible blackberryness!

Today is the first day of summer 2015, and is it ever hot in Georgia. Makes me wonder what July and August is going to be like. It is also Father’s Day, and boy, do I ever miss my daddy!  I trust that most everyone who still has their father and grandfathers are honoring them in some way today – and don’t forget all of the other daddies around.  I had the opportunity to wish a “cat daddy” a ‘Happy Father’s Day’ this morning as some wish me a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ because I happen to be a “cat mama” several times over. (A couple of weeks ago I rescued two little gray tabby brothers who were obviously abandoned at a convenience store in Calhoun. As a matter of fact, they look just like the picture on the ‘Yay! It’s Officially Fall!’ post. Any takers?)

As usual, I have been down one or another of my internet “holes” mostly updating and improving websites most recently. I’m also creating some Halloween website templates and fullblown premium websites to sell. And, yes, this year I am actually going to market them. (Update: NOT!) It’s hard to sell anything when nobody knows that you have something sell in the first place. Duh! I’ve become proficient at internet publishing but still need to work on the marketing aspect of the business.

The sites that I have spent the most time working on are Toys-Best and Fitness Check them and let me know what you think. I could use some good, honest feedback on them. There’s some really great information in the articles sections and, of course, I’ve been really enjoying picking out the best images for the articles.