Top 6 Benefits of NLP in BusinessHow can neuro-linguistic programming help your business? NLP has come a long way since its inception in the 1970s. In the 40 years since, businesses have learned how to tweak certain aspects of NLP to generate more sales and profits, keep customers happy, and communicate more effectively. There are a few ways to do this. Train everyone in your business to practice and understand neuro-linguistic programming, and you will enjoy the following 6 benefits of NLP for business.

1 – NLP Helps Enhance Communication at All Levels

At its root, NLP is an approach to communication. Nonverbal communication cues, eye movement patterns and other unconscious actions take place when people communicate, think and remember. Understanding what someone’s unspoken language can tell you about their mindset will improve the efficiency of communication throughout your business, and with your customers and prospects.

2 – NLP Allows You to Easily Copy the Successful Efforts of Other Businesses

Neuro-linguistic programming founders John Grinder and Richard Bandler explain that, with proper NLP training, “If any human being can do anything, so can you.” This is because neuro-linguistic programming teaches you to understand how successful individuals and businesses work and communicate, even subconsciously. You can then model your behavior after them, using specific NLP strategies, to re-create those successes in your own business.

3 – NLP Gives Your Sales Staff Mind Reading Abilities

To say that neuro-linguistic programming can allow your salespeople to read minds is exaggerating just a bit. However, by understanding physical cues and lateral eye movements, your sales staff can cater the questions they ask and the information they deliver to meet your prospect or client where they are mentally. Understanding how a prospective customer feels about the sales experience while it is going on, and what they are thinking, makes it easier to close more sales.

4 – NLP Improves Negotiation Skills at All Levels

In business, you understand that life is one big negotiation. You negotiate with your employees everyday, with vendors, with competitors, with marketers, with advertising firms, your salespeople, and on and on and on. Since NLP helps you better understand and command any human interaction, the negotiation skills of everyone in your business become more persuasive and effective.

5 – NLP Boosts Morale

Imagine that everyone in your business, from your CEO and founder down to an entry-level employee, knows how to communicate effectively. They all know how to make themselves clearly understood, as well as fully understanding a coworker or senior executive when they communicate in person, in print, in video and on audio. When everyone understands what everyone else is saying, including the nonverbal cues that people give off, your business workplace is much more enjoyable.

6 – NLP is the Perfect Customer Service Tool

Whether customers contact your business to complain, to praise or to offer suggestions, neuro-linguistic programming lets you understand what is really on their minds. As you probably know, many times a customer complaints they are really responding to other stimuli. They are having a bad day, they just lost their job, they are having relationship problems or some other negative occurrence has upset them. When your customer care team can pick up on spoken and unspoken physical cues, they know better how to keep your customers and clients happy, and coming back for life.