Summer Landscape With Old Barn And Country Road

Hey! I will be 60 years old in about three months. And yes, it’s kind of weighing heavily on my mind right now. For those of you familiar with astrology (and NO, astrology is not of the devil, dammit! – to those friends and family members who are of the Baptist persuasion), we all have our second Saturn Return around the age of 59. This can be a tumultuous time and it can also be a time of tremendous insight and transformation of and into Self. Actually, when I recently went to look up the exact dates of my return, most of it had already occurred last summer into fall. However, I am due for a double whammy (just a descriptive term, and hopefully, not predictive of a real “whammy” that can happen) this summer as Saturn goes retrograde back into Scorpio. 

When Saturn first circled around into Scorpio at age 29 to where it was at the time I was born in my astrological chart I was pretty much oblivious to what was going on with my planets at that time. And trials and tribulations seemed to be the norm as for what I can remember about that time in my life. This second time Scorpio came around I was also somewhat unaware of the effects of the transition. I wasn’t sure of the exact dates it was to happen and I kept putting off looking further into it. I had gotten away from keeping up with astrology (and many other things) as I was totally immersed in discovering internet marketing and learning to build websites. However, it was going about the same as the way my life had been going for some time. I had already done a bunch of work on myself over the years and have come out of the bounds of conventional existence that often keeps us oblivious to any knowledge of needing to work on self and the need to make positive changes in preparation for later life. The main thing that I need to work on now is PROCRASTINATION. I have mainly been putting off making the necessary choices and decisions as to how I am going to live out the rest of my life. Now, I really don’t want just more of the same anymore.

For a long time previously throughout my life, I had a difficult time envisioning my future – actually seeing myself as how I want to be in say, five to 10 years. Now, I’ve been forcing myself to see a new existence for me. It’s been a slow process, but it’s coming together. The first place I started “seeing” was me, myself, and I becoming even more healthier and stronger than ever before. It’s working with that and also with the help of taking the necessary actions of supplementing my nutritional needs and focusing on movement of body and nonaction of mind.

Some of you know that I am in the process of making a transition from the home I’ve been in for the past nine plus years to someplace new and exciting. I don’t know exactly where that is right now, but I know that it is in the works. They say “Timing is everything,” and I feel that the time for me to move on outta here (this house, and maybe this beautiful geographical area) will be coming up in the fall, maybe after Saturn turns around and gets going in the right direction again. Another good thing coming up soon for me is that Jupiter, the great benefactor, will me entering my birth sign in a couple of months. Yes, I have a good feeling that some great things are going to be happening for me in the next year or so. I do see me as a successful and prosperous internet entrepreneur! THANK YOU GOD, GODDESS, ALL THAT IS!

And, to give credit where credit is due: Thank you, Willie Nelson! The title of this post is the title of one of my favorite all time albums. There’s also another Willie Nelson song that is apropos to the theme of aging – Yesterday’s Wine. I had the original album (I think the album was named ‘Yesterday’s Wine’) that this song was on – and that’s long gone with the rest of my vinyl collection 🙁 – Hey! I just found the CD on Amazon for only $4.99! In reading the reviews, I was reminded that the album is the story of a man’s journey from before birth to death. Storytelling at it’s best! Such wonderful classic songs all written by Willie. Just listening the MP3 samples brought back good memories of my life from about 30 or so years ago.

Anyway, Willie is still flyin’ high – pun intended – and is a great example of what it is to become that which it is you were meant to be as a fully transformed elder continuing to give the gifts back to the world that were given to us by God.