Mantras are a way that people can meditate by using sound. The sound helps the person to focus or to be fully aware of the present. What the sound is can vary. For some people, they simply use a sound such as “om.”

Others will use a word or phrase. Whatever it is that’s used is the key that the person uses to associate with clarity and perspective. Mantra meditation can help to achieve mindfulness, which will help the user to become self aware, to find self compassion and to calm stress.

Mindfulness achieved through mantra meditation can help bring peace to a mind that’s always racing with various thoughts. This mindfulness through mantra meditation can also help calm emotions such as anger, fear or sadness.

When you practice a mantra, it can call a mind that’s wandering with a multitude of thoughts back to the present. Meditation offers a lot of benefits but far too often what happens when people meditate is that they’re giving lip service to the meditation, but the mind isn’t on what they’re saying.

Their focus is skipping from a thought about what’s going on at home to what they have to get done at work. This kind of thinking doesn’t allow the user to get the most benefit from meditation because the focus is gone.

When you utilize mindfulness through mantra meditation, then you can keep your focus on the meditation. The reason that you’ll be able to do this is because the mantra helps you become mindful, which in turn keeps the thoughts focused.

Mantra meditation can help you achieve mindfulness because you can focus on the mantra itself. You can focus on the sound that you hear, and on the way that your mouth moves to shape the sound or phrase.

You can also focus on the breaths that you take while you’re saying the mantra. For people who don’t want to say a mantra sound or phrase out loud because they may be somewhere that they’re not alone, they can chant the mantra in their minds.

This will also help you to reach mindfulness. Mantras can be used to condition the mind to focus which is the core of mindfulness. By speaking aloud or mentally speaking the mantra, this works to anchor the user in the present and keeps the focus on the awareness of the present.

Some people use short, one word mantras such as the word calmness or the word peace. If you’re not sure which mantra to use, you can search for some that will fit what you’re looking for. Some mantras will have a deeper spiritual meaning than others.