There are many ways to help someone, and one of those manners is to empathize with that person. Most times, when people are turning to you and confiding in you when they open their life, they are looking for someone they can lean on.

They are looking for you to hear them and help them through whatever they are going through. The best way in which you can do this is to empathize with them. Let them know that you understand where they are coming from, and in some cases, you know how the situation feels.

Put Yourself in Their Shoes

This really helps! If they are going through a heartbreak, or financial difficulties, or stress from things happening at work, it is quite common that we all have experienced these situations. Also, think about the times in which you wanted someone to hear you out and feel the feelings you are experiencing.

It is easier to help those who are coming to you with their issues when you know their feelings. It would be best to allow those people to talk freely, without feeling that comments are attacking them that you may have.

It is best to hold those comments for later or even for another date. Be there emotionally for that person and let them know that there is hope and means of getting out of a situation or correcting a situation, causing them stress.

Let Them Know You Understand What They Are Feeling

The most common type of empathy that a person expresses is the understanding of the feelings that they are feeling and helping them work through the issue.

Here, you can give them options for combating their issues and different ways in which they can manage the situations better. You can offer help as much as you can; however, it is essential to understand that you cannot take all their problems away for them.

You must allow them to solve their issues now so that if it happens later in life, they know how to take care of that situation again.

Always be willing to lend a helping hand but be sure that you are not overstepping boundaries, taking on too much of their issues, or let them take advantage of your empathy and kindness.

Take Care of You, Too

When you are providing empathy to others, be sure that you are taking care of yourself as well.

Do not allow yourself to get absorbed into the situations of others. There are some people out there trying to use the good of others and others’ empathy to benefit themselves. There are people out there that manipulate others into getting what they want. It is sad to say, but it is the hard truth.

Be sure that you are taking care of yourself and take care of others responsibly. Many people will go above and beyond for others, even to the extent of sacrificing various things for themselves. There needs to be a healthy balance when helping and caring for others and taking care of yourself as well.

Before you take care of others, you must take care of yourself first. You need to ensure that you are stable and in good standing within your life before you can start helping someone else take on the struggles in theirs.

There is nothing wrong with being empathetic with others. There is also the right way to go about doing it as well. Be sure that you are in a good place to help someone. Ensure that you allow that person to take on the situation themselves with your support, your advice, and your empathy.