Down the Image Hole

Here’s another confession: I spend way too much time perusing image sites, bookmarking, saving, downloading, curating, and editing stock photos for my websites. But I really enjoy it. I am a visual person and I absolutely love color and the effects that certain images can have on me. Pictures really do tell stories – better ones than I can tell.

My intentions of blogging regularly have been more miss than hit. I think of really cool, important, relevant things to write about while I’m out working and driving, but by the time I get home, well…

Yesterday it dawned on me how I can resolve my issue (resistance?) with blogging – which is, in essence, writing about what I know. (Who wants to read about that, anyway?) Well, I do know a lot, and it’s mostly an issue of where to begin, or what particular topic to expound upon today. I finally realized that I could use images to be “conversation starters” so to speak. Heck, I’ve been using them to expand on the stories of the PLR articles I post on my sites. Now, they can serve to be the foundation or spring board for me to be able to elaborate on a particular idea or topic. And, probably more often than not, they actually help me find the story I want (or need?) to tell at that space in time.

For instance, shortly after the idea of using images to help me blog began dancing around in my head, I found the image above. And just seeing it helped the thoughts coagulate into this major interpersonal revelation. I tried the technique out on the previous post – the Happy/Content one – and it seems to work really well. There are times when I ponder the Happy/Content conundrum. I don’t need to be happy because I feel content most of the time! I choose to be content, albeit on a subconscious level – and then I feel happy because I am content, at peace. I’m boggling my own mind here.

That’s O.K. because I gotta go herd some cats. I am actually looking forward till the next time I sit down here to talk, er, write to you! I think I’ve already found the perfect image for it.