Ch-ch-ch-changes!I’m moving stuff around again. Realizing that I’m not much of a blogger, I’ve divided my posts up in categories and put them on the far right menu bar. Now, I am just going to post things that are trending & relevant for me and the times we live in. I may, at times, tell you about an audiobook I’m listening to, or share something else that I’m reading or studying.

So, my new feature here is to post self care-help-improvement articles that contain strategies I’m attempting to learn & implement into my life that will, hopefully, benefit us all in some way. You can find the links for the current topics being covered on the top menu bar under ‘Learn with Me.’

I am in the process of publishing a series of articles on ‘Bullet Journaling.’ You may or may not have heard about it (I just did when I bought this article pack). It may be just what I need to learn at this time – something that will help me organize all of the tasks of life & work.

I used to make a lot of lists, but I stopped for the most part. I still make the grocery or basic t0-do list which, most of the time, after making the list, I never even go back and look at it!

You know, I truly believe that when you really need something, it will appear somehow. This is exactly what I need to start doing now – especially since my life has become so cluttered with two “careers” in tow. Oftentimes, it seems like I work so hard without getting anything of substance accomplished.

Another exciting benefit of posting new articles is that I get to use some the hundreds of images I have accumulated over the past several years. I love finding the right image for the content I publish on my sites, however, I seem to find a lot of  extra “right” images that I tell myself I will use eventually. So allow me this indulgence. The images I post may have nothing to do with the subject at hand. Actually, most of the stock images for journaling were dreary & bland. Therefore, enjoy the pleasant (I hope!) assault on your visual senses.

P.S. I’m going to leave the blogging up to my alter ego – Catty, the Crazy Old Cat Woman. What a minute! I just blogged, didn’t I?

P.S.S Check out my new site I just built and published: Paddleboarding for