Not everyone is an empathetic person, and there are many different reasons why. Some people have mental disorders, are very selfish, or were never in situations where empathy was learned during youth. Here are a few signs that show you may not be empathetic.

1 – People Do Not Come to You for Advice or Support

When people who are not empathetic, others typically will not come to you for advice or support when experiencing difficult times. People who do not show empathy to others do not listen to others’ issues or try to help them get through the tough times.

Non-empathetic people rarely offer help to those that need help, and when they do, most times, those people expect something in return rather than doing it out of the goodness of their hearts. People that are not empathetic tend to expect others to help them in difficult situations and ask for your support but will not provide the same to those that helped them when they need it.

2 – Do More Talking than Listening

If you are a person that is not empathetic, you probably do more of the talking than the listening. People who talk more than they listen show that they feel like what they have to say is more important than what anyone else has to say.

People like that think that nothing else matters than what they are talking about and expect you to listen and engage in the conversation you are involved in. People who are not empathetic tend to expect people to be empathetic to them even though they are not the same.

3 – Do Not Put the Needs of Others First

When you are not an empathetic person, you do not put others’ needs above your own. Most people that are not empathetic expect all their needs to be taken care of, whether they take care of those needs themselves or allow others to do it for them.

These people are more concerned about making sure they are always taken care of rather than taking care of those close to them to include family members. There has to be a balance between taking care of others and taking care of yourself; however, when you never put anyone else before yourself, you may be a person that does not express empathy for anyone in your life.

4 – Cannot Detect Positive and Negative Vibes

Empathetic people can detect different vibes from people that are around them. However, if you are not an empathetic person, you may not have the ability to sense these vibes. Having the ability to detect these vibes come from the ability of being able to experience the feelings of others around them.

Non-empathetic people are not able to relate to the feelings or feeling the pain that others are feeling. When you cannot sense the feelings of others, you also cannot sense the vibes surrounding you in a certain location or area.

5 – You are Not a Good Salesperson

If you are a non-empathetic person you will find it extremely hard to be a successful salesperson. Successful salespeople are successful because they can relate with their clients and put themselves into others’ shoes. T

his makes it easy for clients to trust their salesperson. The salesperson can show their client that they are actively listening to what the client is looking for; non-empathetic people do not have these qualities and find it difficult to trust others.

Non-empathetic people are also not good at letting others talk or listen to that person’s needs. Being able to listen and gain the trust of clients is essential to making a sale.